BeginLISP Event

Triggered immediately after AutoCAD receives a request to evaluate a LISP expression.

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Application object, Document object
An object expression that evaluates to a valid container object. In this case, the only valid containers are the application and the document.


String; input-only
The name of the LISP expression about to be executed by the LISP interpreter. FirstLine will not have any case conversion of the alpha characters.

If the LISP function being executed is defined (with defun) as a C:xxx function and is being executed as an AutoCAD command (such as just using the xxx part of the function name and no parentheses), then FirstLine will be the complete function name including the C: prefix and will be enclosed inside a pair of parentheses—just the way it would appear when executed as a true LISP function call. Otherwise, FirstLine will be the actual LISP expression that has been typed in at the AutoCAD command line or is part of a menu macro.

For example:


No events will be fired while a modal dialog is being displayed.