Area Property

Specifies the enclosed area of an arc, circle, ellipse, hatch, lightweight polyline, polyline, region, or planar-closed spline.

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Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Hatch, LightweightPolyline, Polyline, Region, Spline
The object or objects this property applies to.


Double; read-write for Circle objects, read-only for all others
The area of the object specified in square drawing units.


Hatch objects:
Note To access this property, use the IAcadHatch2 interface.

Wide polylines:
The area is defined by the center of the width.

The area equals the combined area for all the objects in the region.

Open objects such as arcs, spline curves, and open polylines:
The area is computed as though a straight line connects the start point and endpoint.


Open polyline


Area calculated