AddToolbarButton Method

Adds a toolbar item to a toolbar at a specified position.

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RetVal = object.AddToolbarButton(Index, Name, HelpString, Macro[, FlyoutButton])


The object or objects this method applies to.


Variant; input-only
The index location in the toolbar where the item is to be added.
The index must be either an integer or a string. If an integer is specified, the index must be between 0 and N-1, where N is the number of objects in the toolbar. The new item will be added immediately before the specified index location.


String; input-only
The string that identifies the toolbar button. The string must comprise alphanumeric characters with no punctuation other than a dash (-) or an underscore (_). This string is displayed as the tooltip when the cursor is placed over the toolbar button.


String; input-only
The string that is displayed in the AutoCAD status line for the button.


String; input-only
The name of the macro associated with this item.


Variant; input-only; optional
A Boolean variable stating if the new button is to be a flyout button or not. If the button is a flyout button, this parameter must be set to TRUE. If the button is not a flyout button, this parameter can be set to FALSE or ignored and the new ToolbarItem object will be returned.

TRUE: The button is a flyout button.

FALSE: The button is not a flyout button.


ToolbarItem object
The newly created toolbar item.


You can only add or remove toolbar buttons when the toolbar is visible.