AddRegion Method

Creates a region from a set of entities. The given entities must form a closed coplanar region.

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RetVal = object.AddRegion(ObjectList)


ModelSpace Collection, PaperSpace Collection, Block
The object or objects this method applies to.


Array of Objects
The array of objects forming the closed coplanar face to be made into a region. This array may contain the following object types: Line, Arc, Circle, Elliptical Arc, LightweightPolyline, Spline.


This method outputs an array of the newly created Region objects.


This method will create a region out of every closed loop formed by the input array of curves. AutoCAD converts closed 2D and planar 3D polylines to separate regions, and then converts polylines, lines, and curves that form closed planar loops. If more than two curves share an endpoint, the resultant region might be arbitrary.

You can explode a region into the individual loops by using the Explode method. The Boolean method allows you to create composite 3D solids or regions from the intersection, union, or subtraction of a solid or region from another solid or region.

The total number of Region objects created is Ubound(objRegions) - Lbound(objRegions) + 1.