SetGridLineWeight Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_SetGridLineWeight()
	'Turn on display of lineweights
	Call ThisDrawing.SetVariable("LWDISPLAY", 1)
	Dim MyModelSpace As AcadModelSpace
	Set MyModelSpace = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace
	Dim pt(2) As Double
	Dim MyTable As AcadTable
	Set MyTable = MyModelSpace.AddTable(pt, 5, 5, 10, 30)

	'Set the lineweight for all grid lines of the table to 1.0
	Call MyTable.SetGridLineWeight(AcGridLineType.acHorzTop + AcGridLineType.acHorzBottom + AcGridLineType.acHorzInside + _
							AcGridLineType.acVertLeft + AcGridLineType.acVertInside + AcGridLineType.acVertRight, _
							AcRowType.acDataRow + AcRowType.acHeaderRow + AcRowType.acTitleRow, _

	'Assign a lineweight of 2.0 to the top grid line of the Title row
	Call MyTable.SetGridLineWeight(AcGridLineType.acHorzTop, AcRowType.acTitleRow, AcLineWeight.acLnWt200)

	'Assign a lineweight of 2.0 to the bottom grid line of the data row
	Call MyTable.SetGridLineWeight(AcGridLineType.acHorzBottom, AcRowType.acDataRow, AcLineWeight.acLnWt200)

End Sub