TimeServer Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_TimeServer()
	' This example attaches a digital signature and accompanying data to a file,
	' and saves the file.

	Dim acad As New AcadApplication
	Dim sp As New AcadSecurityParams

	acad.Visible = True

	' Attach a digital signature and timestamp it
	sp.Action = AcadSecurityParamsType.ACADSECURITYPARAMS_SIGN_DATA _

	' Certificate details follow
	sp.Subject = "Thawte Freemail Member"
	sp.Issuer = "Personal Freemail RSA 2000.8.30"
	sp.SerialNumber = "073848"
	sp.Comment = "This is now signed"
	sp.TimeServer = "NIST(time.nist.gov)" 
	' To set the TimeServer property, use a description followed by the Internet address in parentheses

	acad.ActiveDocument.SaveAs "C:\MyDrawing.dwg", , sp
End Sub