ShortcutMenu Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_ShortcutMenu()
	' This example iterates through the menus collection and
	' determines if each menu is the shortcut menu.

	' Note that depending on how many menus are currently loaded, the
	' menuStatus string may not be displayed in full.

	Dim currMenu As AcadPopupMenu
	Dim menuStatus As String

	menuStatus = ""
	For Each currMenu In ThisDrawing.Application.MenuGroups.Item(0).Menus
	If currMenu.shortcutMenu Then
		menuStatus = menuStatus & & " is the shortcut menu." & vbCrLf
		menuStatus = menuStatus & & " is not the shortcut menu." & vbCrLf
	End If
	Next currMenu
	MsgBox menuStatus

End Sub