SetView Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_SetView()
	' This example creates a new view.
	' It then changes the active viewport to
	' the newly created view.

	' First, open a sample drawing.
	ThisDrawing.Application.Documents.Open "C:\AutoCAD\Sample\campus.dwg"

	' Create a new view
	Dim viewObj As AcadView
	Set viewObj = ThisDrawing.Views.Add("TESTVIEW")

	' Set the view characteristics = 374: = 313
	viewObj.width = 450
	viewObj.height = 354

	' Get the current active viewport
	Dim viewportObj As AcadViewport
	Set viewportObj = ThisDrawing.ActiveViewport
	MsgBox "Change to the saved view.", , "SetView Example"
	' Set the view in the viewport
	viewportObj.SetView viewObj
	ThisDrawing.ActiveViewport = viewportObj
	ThisDrawing.Regen True

End Sub