SetLayoutsToPlot Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_SetLayoutsToPlot()
	' This example plots the layouts of a drawing.

	Dim oPlot As AcadPlot
	Dim AddedLayouts() As String
	Dim LayoutList As Variant
	Dim oLayout As AcadLayout
	Dim ArraySize As Integer, BatchCount As Integer

	For Each oLayout In ThisDrawing.Layouts
		ArraySize = ArraySize + 1
		ReDim Preserve AddedLayouts(1 To ArraySize)
		AddedLayouts(ArraySize) = oLayout.Name

	LayoutList = AddedLayouts
	Set oPlot = ThisDrawing.Plot
	oPlot.SetLayoutsToPlot LayoutList
	oPlot.PlotToDevice  "dwf6 eplot.pc3"
End Sub