RenderSmoothness Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_RenderSmoothness()
	' This example returns the current setting of
	' RenderSmoothness. It then changes the value, and finally
	' it resets the value back to the original setting.

	Dim currRenderSmoothness As Double
	Dim newRenderSmoothness As Double

	' Retrieve the current RenderSmoothness value
	currRenderSmoothness = ThisDrawing.preferences.RenderSmoothness
	MsgBox "The current value for RenderSmoothness is " & currRenderSmoothness, vbInformation, "RenderSmoothness Example"

	' Change the value for RenderSmoothness
	newRenderSmoothness = 2.5
	ThisDrawing.preferences.RenderSmoothness = newRenderSmoothness
	MsgBox "The new value for RenderSmoothness is " & newRenderSmoothness, vbInformation, "RenderSmoothness Example"

	' Reset RenderSmoothness to its original value
	ThisDrawing.preferences.RenderSmoothness = currRenderSmoothness
	MsgBox "The RenderSmoothness value is reset to " & currRenderSmoothness, vbInformation, "RenderSmoothness Example"
End Sub