Remove Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_Remove()
	' This example creates a dictionary and adds
	' a custom object to that dictionary. It then
	' removes the object from the dictionary.

	Dim dictObj As AcadDictionary
	Set dictObj = ThisDrawing.Dictionaries.Add("TEST_DICTIONARY")

	' Load the ObjectARX application that defines the custom object.
	' Note: The application listed here does not exist and
	' will cause an error when run. Change the application name
	' to the path and name of your ObjectARX Application.
	ThisDrawing.Application.LoadArx ("MyARXApp.dll")

	' Create the custom object in the dictionary
	Dim keyName As String
	Dim className As String
	Dim customObj As AcadObject

	keyName = "OBJ1"
	className = "CAsdkDictObject"

	Set customObj = dictObj.AddObject(keyName, className)

	' Remove the object from the dictionary using the keyName
	dictObj.Remove (keyName)

End Sub