PlotConfigurations Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_PlotConfigurations()
	' This example will access the PlotConfigurations collection for the current drawing,
	' add a plot configuration, and list basic information about the
	' plot configurations in the drawing.

	Dim PlotConfigurations As AcadPlotConfigurations
	Dim PlotConfiguration As AcadPlotConfiguration
	Dim msg As String

	' Get PlotConfigurations collection from document object
	Set PlotConfigurations = ThisDrawing.PlotConfigurations

	' If there aren't any plot configurations, then add one
	If PlotConfigurations.count = 0 Then
		'*** Customize the new configuration to your satisfaction ***
		PlotConfigurations.Add "NEW_CONFIGURATION"
	End If

	msg = vbCrLf & vbCrLf   ' Start with a space

	' Get the names of the plot configurations in this drawing
	For Each PlotConfiguration In PlotConfigurations
		msg = msg & & vbCrLf

	' Display a list of available plot configurations
	MsgBox "There are " & PlotConfigurations.count & " plot configuration(s) in " & _
			ThisDrawing.WindowTitle & ":" & msg
End Sub