OrthoOn Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_OrthoOn()
	' This example toggles the setting of OrthoOn.

	Dim viewportObj As AcadViewport

	' Set the viewportObj variable to the activeviewport
	Set viewportObj = ThisDrawing.ActiveViewport

	' Display the current setting of OrthoOn
	MsgBox "Isometric snap mode is: " & IIf(viewportObj.OrthoOn, "On", "Off"), , "OrthoOn Example"

	' Toggle the setting of OrthoOn
	viewportObj.OrthoOn = Not (viewportObj.OrthoOn)

	' Reset the active viewport to see the change on the AutoCAD status bar
	ThisDrawing.ActiveViewport = viewportObj

	MsgBox "Isometric snap mode is now: " & IIf(viewportObj.OrthoOn, "On", "Off"), , "OrthoOn Example"

End Sub