Modified Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Public WithEvents PLine As AcadLWPolyline	' Use with Modified Event Example
Sub Example_Modified()
	 ' This example creates a lightweight polyline in model space and
	 ' references the PolyLine using the public variable (PLine) which
	 ' is set up to intercept Modified events.
	 ' This example then modifies the new object, triggering the code
	 ' in the Modified event.

	Dim points(0 To 9) As Double

	' Define the 2D polyline points
	points(0) = 1: points(1) = 1
	points(2) = 1: points(3) = 2
	points(4) = 2: points(5) = 2
	points(6) = 3: points(7) = 2
	points(8) = 4: points(9) = 4
	' Create a lightweight Polyline object in model space
	' * Note: We are returning the new PolyLine object into a Module
	' level variable.  This allows us to intercept events associated
	' with that particular object.
	Set PLine = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddLightWeightPolyline(points)


	' Modify object to trigger event.
	' * Note: The event code for the PolyLine modification will be triggered
	' before we move forward and refresh the view, so the line will not
	' appear blue when the event message box is displayed.
	Dim color As AcadAcCmColor
	Set color = AcadApplication.GetInterfaceObject("AutoCAD.AcCmColor.16")
	Call color.SetRGB(80, 100, 244)
	PLine.TrueColor = color

	ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports

End Sub

Private Sub PLine_Modified(ByVal pObject As AutoCAD.IAcadObject)
	' This example intercepts an object's Modified event.
	' This event is triggered when an object supporting this event is modified.
	' To trigger this code: Modify an object connected to this event
	' * Note: By connected, we mean the object set up to intercept events using
	' the VBA WithEvents statement

	' Use the "pObject" variable to determine which object was modified
	MsgBox "You just modified an object with an ID of: " & pObject.ObjectID

End Sub