LoadDVB Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_LoadDVB()
	' This example loads a DVB file and runs a macro
	' contained in the file using the RunMacro method.
	' This example uses a DVB file named drawline.dvb.
	' You should change the example to use a file on your computer.
	' * Note: If you open a DVB file and then run the example to load it, there will be an error
	' when the DVB file is unloaded.

	Dim FileName As String

	FileName = "c:\drawline.dvb"

	' Load a sample VBA project DVB file
	LoadDVB FileName

	' Run the drawline sample macro
	RunMacro "Module1.Drawline"

	' Unload the drawline VBA project DVB file now.
	UnloadDVB FileName

	MsgBox "The DVB file has been run!"
End Sub