Layer Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_Layer()
	' This example creates a new layer named "ABC" (colored blue).
	' It then creates a circle and assigns it to layer "ABC"
	' Create new layer
	Dim layerObj As AcadLayer
	Set layerObj = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("ABC")
	Dim color As AcadAcCmColor
		Set color = AcadApplication.GetInterfaceObject("AutoCAD.AcCmColor.16")
	Call color.SetRGB(80, 100, 244)
	layerObj.TrueColor = color

	' Create Circle
	Dim circleObj As AcadCircle
	Dim center(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim radius As Double
	center(0) = 3: center(1) = 3: center(2) = 0
	radius = 1.5
	Set circleObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddCircle(center, radius)
	MsgBox "The circle has been created on layer " & circleObj.Layer, , "Layer Example"
	' Set the layer of new circle to "ABC"
	circleObj.Layer = "ABC"

	' Refresh view
	ThisDrawing.Regen (True)
	MsgBox "The circle is now on layer " & circleObj.Layer, , "Layer Example"

End Sub