LastHeight Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_LastHeight()
	' This example finds the current value for LastHeight.
	' It then changes that value, and resets it again.

	Dim txtStyleObj As AcadTextStyle
	Set txtStyleObj = ThisDrawing.ActiveTextStyle

	' Set and retrieve the LastHeight property
	Dim currHeight As Double
	Dim newHeight As Double

	' Retrieve current LastHeight property
	currHeight = txtStyleObj.lastHeight
	MsgBox "The current value for LastHeight is " & txtStyleObj.lastHeight, , "LastHeight Example"

	' Set LastHeight to a new value
	txtStyleObj.lastHeight = 4#

	' Retrieve the current LastHeight value
	newHeight = txtStyleObj.lastHeight
	MsgBox "The new value for LastHeight is " & txtStyleObj.lastHeight, , "LastHeight Example"

	' Finally reset LastHeight to its default value
	txtStyleObj.lastHeight = currHeight
	MsgBox "The value for LastHeight has been reset to " & txtStyleObj.lastHeight, , "LastHeight Example"

End Sub