Flyout Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_Flyout()
	' This example uses MenuGroups to obtain a reference to the AutoCAD main menu.
	' It then creates a new Toolbar(TestMenu) with a Toolbar button that will act
	' as a flyout.  The examples sets the Flyout menu to an existing Toolbar menu.
	' The Toolbar will automatically be displayed and will display the UCS menu
	' as a flyout.
	Dim currMenuGroup As acadMenuGroup
	Dim newToolBar As AcadToolbar, newToolBarFlyoutButton As AcadToolbarItem


	' Use MenuGroups property to obtain reference to main AutoCAD menu
	Set currMenuGroup = ThisDrawing.Application.MenuGroups.Item("ACAD")

	' Create a new Toolbar in this group
	Set newToolBar = currMenuGroup.Toolbars.Add("TestMenu")

	' Add new button to TestMenu that will link to the Flyout menu
	' * NOTE: Set the macro name to the name of the flyout toolbar because
	' setting it to an empty string causes an error.  The paremeter
	' is actually ignored when the style is flyout, but must have any value other than "".
	Set newToolBarFlyoutButton = newToolBar.AddToolbarButton(newToolBar.count + 1, "Flyout", "Flyout", "UCS", True)

	' Link the existing toolbar "UCS" as the flyout for the new toolbar button
	' * NOTE: To change the flyout, simply change the MenuGroup and Toolbar name below
	newToolBarFlyoutButton.AttachToolbarToFlyout "ACAD", "UCS"
	MsgBox "The flyout attached to the Test menu is " &

	Exit Sub

	MsgBox "The following error has occurred: " & Err.Description
End Sub