DimLine1Suppress Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_DimensionLine1Suppress()
	' This example creates a Dim3PointAngular object in model space
	' and suppresses the dimension lines using the DimensionLine1Suppress
	' and DimensionLine2Suppress properties

	Dim DimPointAngularObj As AcadDim3PointAngular
	Dim AngleVertex(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim FirstPoint(0 To 2) As Double, SecondPoint(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim TextPoint(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim Line1Suppressed As String, Line2Suppressed As String

	' Define the new Dim3PointAngular object
	AngleVertex(0) = 0: AngleVertex(1) = 0: AngleVertex(2) = 0
	FirstPoint(0) = 2: FirstPoint(1) = 2: FirstPoint(2) = 0
	SecondPoint(0) = 1: SecondPoint(1) = 4: SecondPoint(2) = 0
	TextPoint(0) = 6: TextPoint(1) = 6: TextPoint(2) = 0

	' Create the new Dim3PointAngular object in model space
	Set DimPointAngularObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddDim3PointAngular(AngleVertex, FirstPoint, SecondPoint, TextPoint)

	' Read and display current line suppression information
	Line1Suppressed = IIf(DimPointAngularObj.DimLine1Suppress, "is suppressed", "is not suppressed")
	Line2Suppressed = IIf(DimPointAngularObj.DimLine2Suppress, "is suppressed", "is not suppressed")

	MsgBox "Line one of the dimension " & Line1Suppressed & vbCrLf & _
		 "Line two of the dimension " & Line2Suppressed

	' Suppress line one of the dimension
	DimPointAngularObj.DimLine1Suppress = True
	ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports
	MsgBox "Line one of the dimension is now suppressed"

	' Suppress line two of the dimension
	DimPointAngularObj.DimLine2Suppress = True
	ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports
	MsgBox "Line two of the dimension is now suppressed"
   ' Turn both dimension lines back on
	DimPointAngularObj.DimLine1Suppress = False
	DimPointAngularObj.DimLine2Suppress = False
	ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports
	MsgBox "Both dimension lines are now visible again"

End Sub


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