Count Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_Count()
	' Use count to retrieve the number of objects in a collection
	' You might use this value in a loop structure to iterate through the collection

	MsgBox "There are " & ThisDrawing.Layers.count & " layer(s) in the drawing."
	MsgBox "There are " & ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.count & " object(s) in ModelSpace."

	Dim objCount As Integer
	Dim I As Integer
	objCount = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.count

	Dim mspaceObj As AcadObject
	For I = 0 To objCount - 1
	 Set mspaceObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.Item(I)
	MsgBox "The objects in ModelSpace include: " & mspaceObj.ObjectName, vbInformation, "Count Example"

End Sub