AppActivate Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Public WithEvents ACADApp As AcadApplication	' Use with Application Event Examples
Sub Example_AcadApplication_Events()
	' This example initializes the public variable (ACADApp), which will be used
	' to intercept AcadApplication Events
	' The VBA WithEvents statement makes it possible to intercept a generic object
	' with the events associated with that object.
	' Before you will be able to trigger any of the AcadApplication events,
	' you will need to run this procedure.

	' We could get the application from the ThisDocument object, but that would
	' require having a drawing open, so we get it from the system.
	Set ACADApp = GetObject(, "AutoCAD.Application.16")
End Sub

Private Sub ACADApp_AppActivate()
	' This example intercepts an Application AppActivate event.
	' This event is triggered when the AutoCAD application receives focus
	' To trigger this example event:
	'	 1) Make sure to run the example that initializes
	'	 the public variable (named ACADApp) linked to this event.
	'	 2) Switch focus from AutoCAD to another Windows application
	'	 and then back again.

	MsgBox "AutoCAD was just activated!"
End Sub