Changing the Order in Which Visual LISP Loads Files

The shortcut menu for the list of included files also provides commands to move files up and down in the list, and to sort the list by file name or by full path name. VLISP loads the project's files in the order in which they are listed. Sometimes the load order is important. For example, you might have an initialization file that defines global variables needed by all the other program files, and thus must be loaded first. You could select that file name and choose Move to Top to place it first in the project's file list.

You can also use buttons in the Project Properties dialog box to move files around in the list: Top (move to top), Up (move up), Dn (move down), and Btm (move to bottom).

For the tutorial project, the gpmain.lsp file should be loaded last. It contains the following instructions at the end of the file:

(princ "\nType GPATH to draw a garden path.")

This results in a prompt telling users how to invoke the application. If VLISP loads gpmain.lsp last, these instructions will display at the AutoCAD Command prompt.

After you move any needed files, press the Apply button.