Symbol-Handling Functions

The following table provides summary descriptions of the AutoLISP symbol-handling functions.

Symbol-handling functions



( atomitem)

Verifies that an item is an atom

( atoms-familyformat [symlist])

Returns a list of the currently defined symbols

( boundpsym)

Verifies whether a value is bound to a symbol

( notitem)

Verifies that an item evaluates to nil

( nullitem)

Verifies that an item is bound to nil

( numberpitem)

Verifies that an item is a real or an integer

( quoteexpr)

Returns an expression without evaluating it

( setsym expr)

Sets the value of a quoted symbol name to an expression

( setqsym1 expr1

[sym2 expr2] ...)

Sets the value of a symbol or symbols to associated expressions

( typeitem)

Returns the type of a specified item

( vl-symbol-namesymbol)

Returns a string containing the name of a symbol

( vl-symbol-valuesymbol)

Returns the current value bound to a symbol

( vl-symbolpobject)

Identifies whether or not a specified object is a symbol