File-Handling Functions

The following table provides summary descriptions of the AutoLISP file-handling functions.

File-handling functions



( closefile-desc)

Closes an open file

( findfile filename)

Searches the AutoCAD library path for the specified file

( openfilename mode)

Opens a file for access by the AutoLISP I/O functions

( read-char[file-desc])

Returns the decimal ASCII code representing the character read from the keyboard input buffer or from an open file

( read-line[file-desc])

Reads a string from the keyboard or from an open file

( vl-directory-files [directory


Lists all files in a given directory

( vl-file-copy "source-filename"

"destination-filename" [append?])

Copies or appends the contents of one file to another file

( vl-file-delete "filename")

Deletes a file

( vl-file-directory-p "filename")

Determines if a file name refers to a directory

( vl-file-rename "old-filename"


Renames a file

( vl-file-size "filename")

Determines the size of a file, in bytes

( vl-file-systime "filename")

Returns last modification time of the specified file

( vl-filename-base "filename")

Returns the name of a file, after stripping out the directory path and extension

( vl-filename-directory


Returns the directory path of a file, after stripping out the name and extension

( vl-filename-extension


Returns the extension from a file name, after stripping out the rest of the name

( vl-filename-mktemp

["pattern" "directory" "extension"])

Calculates a unique file name to be used for a temporary file

( write-charnum [file-desc])

Writes one character to the screen or to an open file

( write-linestring [file-desc])

Writes a string to the screen or to an open file