Selection Set Manipulation Functions

The following table provides summary descriptions of the AutoLISP selection set manipulation functions.

Selection set manipulation functions



( ssadd[ename[ss]])

Adds an object (entity) to a selection set, or creates a new selection set

( ssdelenamess)

Deletes an object (entity) from a selection set

( ssget[mode] [pt1 [pt2]] [pt-list]


Prompts the user to select objects (entities), and returns a selection set

( ssgetfirst)

Determines which objects are selected and gripped

( sslengthss)

Returns an integer containing the number of objects (entities) in a selection set

( ssmembenamess)

Tests whether an object (entity) is a member of a selection set

( ssnamessindex)

Returns the object (entity) name of the indexed element of a selection set

( ssnamexssindex)

Retrieves information about how a selection set was created

( sssetfirstgripset [pickset])

Sets which objects are selected and gripped