ActiveX Object-Handling Functions

The following table provides summary descriptions of the AutoLISP ActiveX object-handling functions.

ActiveX Object-handling functions



( vlax-dump-objectobj)

Lists an object's methods and properties

( vlax-erased-pobj)

Determines whether an object was erased

( vlax-get-acad-object)

Retrieves the top-level AutoCAD application object for the current AutoCAD session

( vlax-method-applicable-pobjmethod)

Determines if an object supports a particular method

( vlax-object-released-pobj)

Determines if an object has been released

( vlax-read-enabled-pobj)

Determines whether an object can be read

( vlax-release-objectobj)

Releases a graphical object

( vlax-typeinfo-available-pobj)

Determines whether type library information is present for the specified type of object

( vlax-write-enabled-pobj)

Determines whether an AutoCAD drawing object can be modified