: edit_box {
   action alignment allow_accept edit_limit 
   edit_width fixed_height fixed_width height 
   is_enabled is_tab_stop key label mnemonic 
   value width password_char

An edit box is a field that enables the user to enter or edit a single line of text. An optional label can appear to the left of the box. If the entered text is longer than the length of the edit box, the edit box scrolls horizontally.

Left-justifying the label and right-justifying the edit box makes it easier to align edit_box tiles vertically.


Appears as a title. If specified, the label is left-justified within the width of the edit_box tile.


The initial ASCII value placed in the box. It is displayed left-justified within the edit (input) part of the box. The value of an edit box is terminated by the null character. If the user enters more characters than the edit_limit and the string is truncated, the null character is appended.