Users with Disabilities

Considerations intended for users with disabilities can make a program easier for anyone to use. When designing your dialog boxes, consider the following:


Many people cannot distinguish between certain colors. If you use color coding to present information, supplement this by presenting the same information in some other way (usually with text).

For example, the standard AutoCAD Color dialog box displays a text message that states the color's name or number as well as an image tile that displays the color.

Online Help

Many users have difficulty either reading the small print in manuals or physically handling books. Even a single Help button on the main dialog box can be useful.

Keyboard Access

Some users may have difficulty with or be unable to use a pointing device. Try to specify mnemonics so your dialog boxes can be used with just the keyboard.

Clarity and Simplicity

Carefully designed dialog boxes with clear and simple language help users with verbal or cognitive impairments. Don't force users to remember many different things. Instead, use consistent terminology and present choices wherever possible.