Working with Visual LISP and AutoCAD

VLISP contains its own set of windows and menus that are distinct from the rest of AutoCAD, but VLISP does not run independently of AutoCAD. Whenever you work in VLISP, AutoCAD must also be running. When you run AutoLISP programs from the VLISP IDE, you will usually need to interact with the AutoCAD graphics or Command windows to respond to program prompts.

If AutoCAD is minimized when VLISP turns control over to it, you must manually restore and activate the AutoCAD window to continue. VLISP will not restore the AutoCAD window for you. Instead, a Visual LISP symbol appears in the VLISP window and remains there until you activate AutoCAD and respond to the prompts at the AutoCAD Command prompt. The Getting Started chapter shows an example of this; see Loading and Running AutoLISP Programs.