Understanding the Console Window

From the VLISP Console window, you can enter and run AutoLISP commands and see the results. This is similar to what you can do in the AutoCAD Command window, but there are a few differences—some subtle—in how you accomplish the same task in these two windows. For example, to display the current value of an AutoLISP variable in VLISP, you simply type the variable name in the Console window and press ENTER. To view the value of a variable in AutoCAD, you must precede the variable name with an exclamation point (!) when you type it in the Command window.

The Console window is also where VLISP displays AutoLISP diagnostic messages and the results of many AutoLISP functions. For example, output from the print and princ functions is displayed in the Console window. You can scroll through the Console window to view previously entered text and output.

For a description of VLISP Console window features, see Using the Console Window. The following is a brief summary of these features:

Note that if you type text at the Console prompt but switch to the AutoCAD window before pressing ENTER, the text will no longer be at the prompt when you return to the VLISP window.