Using the Console Shortcut Menu

The most important functions needed when working with the VLISP Console window are combined into a shortcut menu for fast access. Right-click anywhere in the Console window or press SHIFT + F10 to display the shortcut menu.

Depending on whether there is text selected in the Console window and depending on the cursor position, some commands may not be appropriate at the moment and cannot be activated from the shortcut menu. The following table summarizes the commands that may be available from the Console window shortcut menu.

Console window shortcut menu commands




Removes the selected text from the Console window and moves it to the Windows Clipboard


Copies the selected text to the Clipboard


Pastes the Clipboard contents to the cursor location

Clear Console window

Empties the Console window


Finds specified text in the Console window


Opens the Inspect dialog box

Add Watch

Opens the Watch window

Apropos window

Opens the Apropos window

Symbol Service

Opens the Symbol Service dialog box


Reverses the last operation


Reverses the effects of the previous Undo

AutoCAD Mode

Transfers all input to the AutoCAD command line for evaluation

Toggle Console Log

Copies Console window output to the log file

Note also that you can cut and paste text between the VLISP Console window and the AutoCAD Command window.