Using the Text Editor Shortcut Menu

Right-clicking your mouse in an active VLISP text editor window brings up a shortcut menu for quick access to frequently used commands. Depending on whether there is text highlighted in the editor window and depending on the position of the cursor, some commands on the shortcut menu may be inactive. The following table summarizes the editor shortcut commands:

Text editor window shortcut menu commands




Moves the selected text to the Clipboard


Copies the selected text to the Clipboard


Pastes the Clipboard contents to the cursor position


Finds the specified text in one or more editor windows

Go to Last Edited

Moves the cursor to the position you last edited

Toggle Breakpoint

Sets a breakpoint at the cursor position, or removes a breakpoint if one is set currently at that position


Opens the Inspect dialog box

Add Watch

Opens the Watch window

Apropos window

Opens the Apropos window

Symbol Service

Opens the Symbol Service dialog box


Reverses the last operation


Reverses the effects of the previous Undo