Indenting Shortcuts

Most indenting of program code is best handled by the VLISP automatic code formatting and Smart Indent features, and by customizing the formatter's options (see Formatting Code with Visual LISP). But there are some things you may want to do by yourself.

To indent selected lines of code, press TAB or press CTRL + E, and then choose Indent Block. VLISP inserts a TAB character at the beginning of each line you selected. You can control the indent amount of the TAB character by choosing Tools Window Attributes Configure Current and setting the Tab Width value. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to adjust the indentation of text.

Code indentation shortcuts



Adjust the indent of the current selection to the preceding AutoLISP text.


Clear trailing SPACE and TAB characters, insert a new line, and indent at the level of the previous non-empty line.


Insert a new line without clearing trailing SPACE and TAB characters of the current line.