Insert Form-Closing Comment

If you select this option, VLISP adds a comment following the close of an expression. However, the option takes effect only if the Close Parenthesis Style format setting is either Close at the New Line with Inner Indentation or Close at the New Line with Outer Indentation.

When the Insert Form-Closing Comment option is on, the VLISP formatter inserts a comment of the form

;_ end of <function name> 

after each multiple-line function. This comment does not appear if an inline-comment, single-semicolon comment, or pasted-comment exists after the function call. You can change the comment text by entering a different comment in the Form-Closing Comment prefix field of the Format Options dialog box.


Initial text:

(autoarxload "image"
		 '("gifin" "pcxin" "riaspect" "ribackg" "riedge"
"rigamut" "rigrey"  "rithresh" "tiffin"))

Formatted text:

(autoarxload "image"
		 '("gifin"	"pcxin"	"riaspect"
		 "ribackg"	"riedge"	 "rigamut"
		"rigrey"	 "rithresh"   "tiffin"
) ;_ end of autoarxload

Note the _ end of autoarxload comment in the last line of code.