Long List Format Style

Long lists are lists of formal arguments in defun, lambda, or quoted lists containing more than five elements. The Long List format style applies to lists that do not fit on a single line (within the Right Text Margin).

If the Long List format style options do not appear in your Format Options dialog box, press the More Options button to display additional formatting options. The available modes for Long List format are listed below and illustrated with an example based on the following list elements, and with Right Text Margin set to 45:

'("entdel" "entmake" "entmod" "entnext"
"entsel" "entupd")

Single-Column formatting:


Two-Column formatting:

	'("entdel"	"entmake"
		"entmod"	"entsel"
		"entnext"	 "entupd"

Multi-Column formatting:

	'("entdel"	 "entmake"	 "entmod"
		"entsel"	 "entnext"	 "entupd"

Fill-the-String formatting (places as many quoted strings on one line as possible, up to the right margin):

  '("entdel" "entmake" "entmod" "entsel" "entnext" "entupd"

The Preserve Existing Line Breaks option, if selected, may supersede the formatting indicated by Long List format style.