Non-Continuable Break Loops

A non-continuable break loop is activated when an error causes program interruption and the Break on Error option is set. In a non-continuable break loop, you can access all variables in the error environment, but you cannot continue program execution or execute any of the Step commands. To distinguish between continuable and non-continuable break loops, check to see if the Step and Continue toolbar buttons are active.

To leave a non-continuable break loop step, use either the Reset to Top-Level command to jump to the Console top-level loop, or Quit Current Level to return to the previous break loop level.

NoteIf you activate AutoCAD while in the midst of a non-continuable break loop, you will not be able to enter anything in the command window; in fact, the window will not contain a Command prompt. However, if you accidentally try typing anything in the AutoCAD command window, your keyboard input will be queued until AutoCAD regains control (that is, after you exit the break loop and activate the AutoCAD window). At that point, anything you typed is evaluated by AutoCAD as if you had just entered it at the Command prompt.