Plot from Model Space

Typically, when you plot a large drawing such as a floorplan, you can specify a scale to convert the real drawing units into plotted inches or millimeters. However, when you plot from model space, the defaults that are used if there are no settings specified include plot to system printer, plot the current display, scaled to fit, 0 rotation, and 0,0 offset. To modify the plot settings, change the properties on the Layout object associated with model space.

Plot the extents of an active model space layout

This example first checks to make sure the active space is model space. The example then establishes several plot settings. Finally, the plot is sent using the PlotToDevice method.

Sub Ch9_PrintModelSpace()
	' Verify that the active space is model space
	If ThisDrawing.ActiveSpace = acPaperSpace Then
		ThisDrawing.MSpace = True
		ThisDrawing.ActiveSpace = acModelSpace
	End If

	' Set the extents and scale of the plot area
	ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.Layout.PlotType = acExtents
	ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.Layout. _
						StandardScale = acScaleToFit

	' Set the number of copies to one
	ThisDrawing.Plot.NumberOfCopies = 1

	' Initiate the plot
End Sub

The device name can be specified using the ConfigName property. This device can be overridden in the PlotToDevice method by specifying a PC3 file.