Load Menu Groups

Menu groups are loaded into AutoCAD using the Load method. For example, the following code loads the customization file acad.cui:

ThisDrawing.Application.MenuGroups.Load "acad.cui"

When using the Load method, set the BaseMenu parameter to TRUE to load a new menu group to the menu bar. This will load the menu group as a base menu in the same manner as the MENU command in AutoCAD.

To load a new menu group as a partial menu, omit the BaseMenu parameter. This will load the menu group in the same manner as the MENULOAD command in AutoCAD. Once loaded into the MenuGroups collection, partial menus can be inserted into the menu bar by using the InsertMenuInMenuBar method or the InsertInMenuBar method.

Once a menu group has been loaded, all the menus and toolbars defined by that menu group are available for use. You can

NoteYou can only edit popup menus and toolbars using ActiveX Automation. However, you can use ActiveX Automation to load and unload other menu types such as image tile menu items, screen menus, or tablet menus.